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The Electronic Transmission of Unclassified, but Sensitive Information, to include PII information should be performed by using Encryption Software (ProofPoint) or a Secured Fax Machine. Sending documents with sensitive PII by facsimile is permissible if the sender alerts the designated recipient that sensitive PII is being sent. The recipient must then verify by phone or e-mail that the information has been received.

"Security is Everyone’s Responsibility"

To All-   "Import Change to your DOC Security Service Provider- Time Sensitive, ERSO is closing!”

Beginning August 1, 2012, all clients serviced by the Eastern Regional Security Office (ERSO) in Norfolk, Virginia are now serviced by the Office of Security in Silver Spring, Maryland.  All security services that were provided by the ERSO office have transferred to the Silver Spring Security Office.  Below you will contact information for the various security services that the Silver Spring Security Office will now provide you directly.  
Web site:  NOAA Silver Spring Security Office

Office of Security at NOAA,
1335 East West Highway, 
Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 713-0954     fax (301) 713-0953

Richard Duncan, Servicing Security Officer: (301) 713-2036 or

Background Investigations: Sheri Sells or  301-713-1957 
                                            Garey Aubrecht is or 301-713-1956 

Foreign National Visitor/Guests: Ledessia Moore (301) 713-2767 or
                                                   Send non-PII email: to

Departure notification of your Contractors, Associates, Guest, Foreign Nationals, & Employees: Send email to:

Send Badges and CAC ID to the Silver Spring Office of Security at NOAA address above.  

Lost CAC Card process:  Supervisor/sponsor will submit completed/signed memorandum to the Silver Spring Security Office.  You can use the Lost CAC Form online and fax it or email the scanned signed form.  Remember do not include any PII in the memo.  

Information Security, Security Containers, Classified Information:
Mike McManus (301) 713-0402 or or Rick Duncan

Facility Security Assessments, Physical Security, Anti-Terrorism Assessments:
William Bailey (301) 713-1958 or or Rick Duncan 

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