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2003 Administrator's Award Winners
AMD Staff Picture Marion Veber Jack Salmon Joanne Herndon Michele McCoy Sybil Custer Sara Wynn Lynne Phipps Melissa Sampson Margaret Rankin Teresa Watson Linda Stein Janie Laferty Michelle Morales Linda Jacobs

From left to right: Melissa Sampson, Lynne Phipps, Sara Wynn, Sybil Custer, Michele McCoy, JoAnne Herndon, Marion Veber, Jack Salmon - Division Chief, Margaret Rankin, Teresa Watson, Linda Stein, Janie Laferty, Michelle Morales, Linda Jacobs


The Acquisition Management Division (AMD) acquires property and non-personal services (including information technology, ship repair, construction, and utilities) through purchasing, leasing (except real property leasing), interagency agreements, and contracting. This includes requisitioning from other Government sources and the use of simplified acquisition procedures (acquisitions of $100,000 or less) as well as formal contracting procedures. The Division also performs contract administration services to ensure compliance with the provisions of awarded contracts as a part of its overall procurement service to its clients.

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